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Top five safety precautions for demolition

Proper equipment, trained personnel and other measures are essential to safe demolitions.

Safety has and always will be the most important part of constructions, renovations and demolitions. Always having the best and most up-to-date equipment, as well as taking the necessary precautions, has saved countless lives throughout the years. These precautions are simple and easy things that you should always be sure to do. These precautions take just a few minutes to oversee, but could make the difference when it comes to a safe demolition. Here are the top five safety precautions for demolitions:

1. Equipment
 — Employees should always be knowledgeable of all aspects of work, regardless of their specialty or area of work. It’s important that each and every employee understands what equipment should be worn and present throughout the demolition. Make sure that each employee also knows and understands how to use each piece of equipment properly. This quick and simple sweep to make sure each employee has all the proper equipment required can help save lives and prevent any or all future injuries as you go throughout the demolition. In addition, make sure that each employee has a hard hat, as well as a mask, gloves, and work boots.

2. Final sweep — Always do a final sweep before demolition begins. It’s absolutely recommended to go into each and every room, including closets, bathrooms and hallways, to assure that everyone and everything is out of the building. It’s necessary to assure that each worker is out of the building and at a safe distance before demolition begins. Likewise, make sure that the building is monitored by employees to make sure that unauthorized people do not get close to the demolition site. If others are present, make sure all equipment is equipped and readily available to any newcomers. Assign someone to assure the final sweep has been made. Make sure that everyone knows who to report to. Once the final sweep is done, notify the person in charge. The demolition can then take place safely.

3. Experienced and trained employees — It’s absolutely necessary that only trained and experienced employees handle the more dangerous and explosive materials. These employees should be qualified, professional, mature and experienced enough to handle the responsibility and carefulness required by those handling explosives. These employees, if trained correctly, can help prevent accidents on the work site.

4. Brace ceilings and walkways — If for any reason anyone needs to enter the building, it’s necessary for every ceiling and walkway to be braced. This will easily provide extra support in case an accident occurs, helping prevent a huge amount of accidents, injuries and even deaths.

5. Cleaning up debris —  Make sure that all employees are wearing and equipped with the proper equipment to clean up any and all debris once the demolition has taken place. This equipment includes gloves, a mask and work boots. Most importantly, however, make sure that only authorized employees are present during the cleanup and demolition. This stage can be very dangerous, but taking these necessary steps can prevent an array of injuries and accidents.

Safety is always the most important thing while doing anything, especially throughout construction or demolitions. By doing these five simple things, you could easily save lives, reduce injuries and make the most of any demolition.